Turku Main Library

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Saaga and Stoori Mon–Fri 9–10 for groups only.

Linnankatu 2, Center 20100 Turku (View larger map)

Directions (Matka.fi)

Telephone numbers
Phone icon 02 262 0624 / Reception
Phone icon 02 262 0621 / News Square
Phone icon 040 160 3615 / Reservations of the facilities (News Square)
Phone icon 02 262 0629 / Non-fiction department
Phone icon 02 262 0629 / Reservations of microfilm reader
Phone icon 02 262 0623 / Literature and Arts department
Phone icon 02 262 0658 / Music department
Phone icon 02 262 0625 / Children's department Saga
Phone icon 02 262 0626 / Youth's department Story
Phone icon 02 262 0661 / Interlibrary loans
Phone icon 02 262 0674 / Attendants
Mail address
Linnankatu 2
20100 Turku
Architect:vanha osa: Karl August Wrede /uudisosa: JKMM-Arkkitehdit Oy
3D Printer device
Copy machine (color) device
Customer workstation device
Data projector device
Digitizing device
E-book reader device
Game console device
Light therapy lamp device
Magnification device device
  • News Square
Micro card and microfilm readers device
Overhead projector device
Power consumption meter device
  • For loan
Printer (colour) device
Scanner device
Step counter device
  • For loan
Class room room
Exhibition room room
Group work room room
Meeting room room
Music room room
Music studio room
  • Library space for recording own music demos.
Reading hall room
  • Silent room dedicated for reading newspapers.
Stage room
Story room room
Bicycle service
Board games service
Charger service
  • Charging cabinet currently unavailable. You can borrow a power bank for a day at the News Area.
Drop box service
Homeservice service
Instruments service
Possibility to listen to music service
Self-service collection of reservations service
  • Reservations are collected and borrowed by oneself with a reservation number at the Main library reception.
http://www.cafesirius.fi/ service
VHS-DVD converter service
Wi-Fi service
Library consortium
Established year
Additional info

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