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On days before a holiday the opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Vanhatie 4, 21290 Rusko (View larger map)

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Phone icon 044 433 3665 / Information
Phone icon 044 433 3663 / Booking of exhibition space
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Blood pressure cuff device
  • For loan
Copying machines (color) device
  • Black & white copies (A4) 0,50 €, color copies (A4) 1,00 €.
Customer workstations device
E-book readers device
  • For loan
Electricity consumption meters device
  • For loan
Exercise equipment device
  • For loan
Exercise equipment device
  • For loan
Pedometers device
  • For loan
Printers (color) device
  • Black & white printouts (A4) 0,50 €, color printouts (A4) 1,00 €.
Scanners device
Snowshoes device
  • For loan
Surface temperature meters device
  • For loan
Telescopes device
  • For loan
Exhibition premises room
Bicycles service
  • For loan
Board games service
Drop box service
Frisbee discs service
  • For loan
VHS-DVD converter service
Wi-Fi service
Hannele Luomanen / Kirjastovirkailija
Suvi Luukkonen / Kirjastonhoitaja
Kerttu Pietilä / Kirjastovirkailija
Jan-Erik Ylitalo / Kirjasto- ja vapaa-aikajohtaja
Library consortium
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